Thursday, 15 January 1987

Paul buys his first car

Sometime probably in January 1987 Paul bought his yellow long wheel base Suzuki Sierra from a dealership in Katherine.  He bought it second hand for $9000 he recalls - it was a 1984 model.

It wasn't really his first car as he did buy an old 2 stroke 3 cylinder bush basher Suzuki (an LJ50) from Humpy Doo when he was living at the Thomsen's, but this car was never registered whilst he owned it (or since as he cut the roof of it etc!)

Soon after Paul bought it he met his mum and dad on the Vic Highway coming back from their holiday in Perth.   Apparently dad pointed to his car on the side of the road and told mum "thats the sort of car that Paul bought" without realising it was him waving at them.

Paul in his belove "Suzy" - with his cousin Adam or Matthew Tucker