Saturday, 2 December 1989

Paul and Gwenny get married!

After roughly a year's engagement Paul and Gwenny got married at the Darwin Community Church on

Sabine Road in Milner.

The Wedding Party
Paul and his best man Peter Thomsen got ready at Paul's parent's place in Wanguri.  Gwenyth and her matron of honour Maree got ready at her parent's place in Stuart Park.   Apart from the Best Man and Matron of Honour, Gwenny had her nieces as flower girls.  Sadly Gwenny's niece Rachel Ezzy had passed away tragically in July of that year and her absence was very much felt.

More to come...

Saturday, 22 July 1989

Rachel Ezzy tragically killed in car accident

Peter and Joy tragically lost their oldest daughter in July 1989 when their car lost control and rolled over on the Victoria Highway near Timber Creek.   They had their whole family in the car but no one else was seriously hurt.

Paul and Gwenny were at Gwenny's parents replace when Gwenny got the call from Joy.  Her parents were at the Darwin Show for the day.  Paul has always regretted the advice he gave Gwenny to wait until her parents got home and to tell them before telling others.  He didn't consider that they might need help to get home etc.  When the rest of the family found out later that afternoon after he had told her parents they contacted Joy and then went down to get the family and bring them home.

Rachel was aged 10 at the time.

Rachel in centre in brown jacket at Coomalie Creek

Rachel (far right background) at Gwenny's 21st

Sunday, 14 May 1989

Gwenny's 21st

Gwenny and Graham had their 21st at Colin and Dorothy's place at Humpty Doo.  It was held outside in Colin's partially finished but perfectly usable shed.

Paul and Gwenny were engaged to be married at the time

Friday, 13 January 1989

Paul and Gwenny engaged!

Paul and Gwenny were officially engaged today.   Paul actually popped the question on new years day (13 days earlier) but didn't pluck up the courage to ask Gwenny's Dad until the 13th!

They decided they were quite fond of each other at a camping trip to Koolpin Gorge a few months earlier.  They are planning to get married at the end of the year when Gwenny finishes her Teacher's Degree.

Where it all began?  Koolpin Gorge in '88