Friday, 25 December 1998

Queensland trip for Christmas Holidays

Hmmm these waves are bigger than those at home...
Well we drove the little suzuki all the way to Queensland and back for the 1998 Christmas holidays.

Accomodation included Uncle Clydes at Travellers Rest, Uncle Wilsons at Maryborough, Uncle George at Murwillambah, Brisbane etc!

In between all the visiting we spent some time at the beaches, went to theme parks etc - was a really good time.

Dream World!

The dairy at Travellers Rest

Whilst we were at Uncle Wilson's he took some nice photos of the kids at his studio.

The family at the sawmill at Travellers Rest
Uncle George's dairy farm

Paul's maternal grandmother "Nana" passes away

On Christmas Day 1998 Paul's Nana passed away after a short illness.   She had reached the age of 79 a week earlier as she was born on the 17th of December, 1919.  Paul was aged 30 and Nana had known his 3 children (her great grandchildren) which was nice.

More info to come.
Esma May Ansell (nee Patterson) with a bunch of grand kids and friends