Friday, 31 January 2014

Big waves at Nightcliff

We had a fun time down at Nightcliff jetty with a huge tide with a big monsoon swell.   Aunty Kris is up and
Baggsy shouldn't have bothered with the umbrella
came along with Aunty Shirley also.   We went back the following night also.

Shirley, Gwenny and Kristine

Hmm don't buy this car in a few years

Paul rushing to get his camera safe before the wave hits

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Expedition to Orchard Creek

A bunch of us went eventually found Orchard Creek this saturday.  Was a very nice little swimming hole and a fun drive.

A few of us even got bogged - as you can see from the video here

Monday, 20 January 2014

Paul's pancreatitis

Paul had to go to accident and emergency in a lot of stomach pain Monday night.   They put him on morphine for a bit so it was all very exciting! :(

It ended up being Pancreatitis but they did not find out what caused it - even with subsequent scans and tests etc - everything seemed good inside which is good news.

After spending the night in accident and emergency he was transferred to the private hospital we he had his own room in the maternity ward of all places.   He had to stay for a few days to be monitored and got out on the thursday morning.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

4wding around Scotts Creek

This sunday afternoon a few of us were a bit bored so went for a drive down to Scotts Creek.   We had
nibbles at one of the Billabongs.

The actual creek was quite flooded but we found a way over the crossing even though the ends had big wash outs in them.

Daniel got bogged on the way out when he went to test out his Sukuki on a side track with a large boggy hole.  His winch didn't work so the defender pulled him out from behind.

Paul and Gwenny were reminded of the dangers of having the windows down (no aircon in the defender) when a car driving the other way through the mud and water blasted them in their cab.

From memory those who came were Rob & Jessie, Daniel, Ree-ann, Jack, Rowen, Lee and Susy and the kids, Peter Pattemore and friends, and I can't remember who else!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Steve and Leoryah's wedding

We celebrated the wedding of Stephen Ezzy to Leoryah today at the Community Church in Millner.  Jessie and Tanya helped me with photos ( but it was very wet!  We tried a few places such as Nightcliff and the old Post Office in the city and got a few keepers.