Tuesday, 26 January 1988

Koolpin Gorge trip

There was no real date when Paul and Gwenny decided that they were "going out" but they did do a camping trip with Gwenny's family to UDP falls and Koolpin Gorge many think that they came pretty good friends then...

This famous photo of them on lilos just floating around chatting might have been the start of it - or the time Gwenny offered to put sunscreen on Pauls back...

The camping trip was quite memorable as they had to rebuild bridges with dodgy logs and sticks and drive across them with their 4wds.  Rob and Jessie had their old green Landcruiser Troopy and Paul drove his yellow Suzuki sierra.  Steve Smedley also travelled with Paul and Gwenny. Graham Pattemore and Tim Cowen, as well as a guy named Lindsay.

Also at one time everyone had to stand on Pauls suzuki as he drove across a flooded river to stop it floating away.

Gwenny and Paul at Koolpin Gorge