Sunday, 18 December 2011

Craig and Lyn's wedding

We left for Perth on the 14th of December to celebrate Craig and Lyns wedding on the 18th.  We got back home on the 20th.

The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time.  The were married in an amazing old church near the city and the reception was up in the Perth Hills at a Winery.  Paul was one of the groomsmen and Monica and Toby were also able to make it with us (was great to meet Toby for the first time).  Peterboy also flew down from Darwin.

A lot of us stayed together in a caravan park near the airport which was a handy place.  Craig and Lyn, Troy, Graham and Denise, Monica, Toby and Peter, and Dave and Leisha also stayed there.

Mum and Dad, Nadine, Aunty Kris, Aunty Shirl and Adam also came and they stayed in a hi-rise with amazing views closer to the city but not too far from us.

The wedding day had a unique start in all the boys going to swim in the surf at sun up at the beach - the water was a bit cold - but the hot breakfast at the beach cafe warmed us up.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Paul loses his Gallbladder

Paul went to Adelaide to get his Gallbladder removed this week (operation was on the 7th of December).  He stayed at Craigs the 1st night and at the hospital the next 3 nights.  Operation went well although he didn't enjoy going under very much...   and had a few issues afterwards that he hoped was just the medication!

Was just keyhole surgery so fairly minor although Paul was suprised how much it knocked him around..  took him a month or so to feel somewhat "normal"....

One bonus of the trip was that he met his brother Craig's fiance Lyn for the first time!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sold the Disco

Its with a very heavy heart that we report we have sold our Landrover Discovery 3...   a man in Adelaide bought the car fairly quickly after sending a friend around to view it in Darwin.  We are missing the car already but thought we'd get something a bit more basic and cheaper to own...

Paul has bought a 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara in Brisbane that he'll get a few modifications to.

A stylised photo of the Disco on top of a Coomalie hill

The suzy - this is as bought - will update blog with new pictures after modifications