Monday, 18 May 1987

Paul goes Bull Catching

Paul and Peter tying up a bull with Charles watching on
Uncle Peter got a contract with Henry Gayoso to catch wild cattle and buffalo at Elizabeth Downs station which is on the other side of the Daly River.

We all drove down in a big convoy at the start of the dry season in 1987.  There was trucks towing caravans, catchers and all sorts.  Paul drove his Suzuki Sierra.

Paul mainly did roping from a special seat on the bullbar with Uncle Peter driving.  They caught about 50 bulls this way.  He also helped setup portable yards for helicopter musters etc.  Paul only did it for 2 or 3 months but Peterboy stayed on until near the end of the year.

One day he and Uncle Peter were working somewhere by themselves out in the bush Uncle Peter asked him whether he had ever had a girl friend.  "I suppose a good looking fella like you have had quite a few?" he asked.  Paul responded in the negative and Uncle Peter then said "you know that Gwenyth Pattemore would make a lovely wife!"

Paul knew who Gwenyth Pattemore was - a girl at church -and he thought she was very nice but had never seriously considered anything more.  When he was living at Bruce and Jeannie's Gwenyth visited once and they played monopoly together and got along pretty well, although they were both a bit shy.  He dreamt about her that night and from then on just couldn't stop thinking about her!

Brett walking across the flat whilst they load a bull

Blind "Sibby" in the chair Paul roped from

Aunty Wendy with one of the "Hazer" catchers

Sunday, 10 May 1987

Paul's paternal grand mother Jessie passes away

We were sadly informed that Paul's grandmother Jessie Thomsen (nee Wilson) passed away today aged 81.  She was born on the 7th of October, 1905.  Her husband Noble passed away in 1967 just before Paul's parents were married.  Jessie had therefore been a widow for 20 years.

Paul remembers a graceful beautiful old lady that Craig and he were blessed to visit a few times over the years.  She lived in Maryborough.