Friday, 21 October 2011

Rosanna goes to Bali

Rosanna had a good trip to Bali with her Uncle Rob and Aunty Jessie and cousin Rachelle...  they saw some cheap deals for flights/acommodation a couple of months ago and booked it...

There were there for the week October 13-20.

Rosanna is the short one at the front

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Orchard Creek

We attempted to drive to Orchard Creek today - which is via a 4wd track behind Robin Falls - south of Adelaide River township.  Rob flew his flying machine earlier on to do a bit of aerial reconnaissance and we all met at AR at 10am.

Unfortunately we tried to cross the creek that we did earlier in the year again and I broke an air fitting connected to my air suspension when trying to get unstuck.  Everyone else got stuck too except for Dorothy.

So we had a very difficult crawl out to the highway with only about 200mm clearance and lots of nasty rocks.  Even on the highway the ride was very rough...

The rest of the gang fortunately were able to continue on to Orchard Creek - which was only a few hundred metres than we we got last time.  There were about 5 other cars.

One of these kits ( might be the go if I were going to take the Disco to remote places...

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rosanna's new job

Rosanna has left the casual job she had at the Childcare Centre and is now working for Serco as a recreation attendant at various defence gyms and pools around Darwin.  She started last Monday and is enjoying the new job.

I did put a "normal" photo of her up but of course she hated it so she chose this funny photo instead!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Alas, Collingwood.

Well it wasn't to be for the Pies this year.  I thought Geelong should be favourites but Collingwood did give me a bit of heart when they came back late in the first quarter and into the 2nd quarter after a poor start.  But Geelong to its credit responded and were just too hard at the contest for us.  We looked rushed everytime we got the ball.

I had the unique experience watching the game in the cinema room of an oilrig with dozens of Collingwood hating rig workers screaming for Geelong even though they didn't support them!  I guess you either love or hate Collingwood - not sure why (although I can understand why Eddie McGuire would annoy them).

Ah well here's a bit of fun from last year - the first video is a timelapse of us watching the draw - and the 2nd is the victory lap!