Friday, 14 March 2014

Moving rural maybe!

Our offer on a block in Virginia has been accepted and we're just waiting on finance now.  This means we'll rent out our house in Bagshaw Crescent in Gray once we move so lots of work to do!   Our Palmerston house needs lots of work done - for instance the bathrooms probably need to be totally redone as water is leaking through the tiles and walls etc.

The block is on Lowther Road and is a fairly basic but practical metal clad dwelling with 2 bedrooms with ensuites.  A third bedroom is outside and an outside bathroom.  There's also a large outdoor living area that we really like.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fishing with Graham and Tim on the South Alligator

Paul did a day trip with Graham Pattemore and Tim Cowen to the South Alligator.   We didn't catch much (Graham caught one Barra) but was a good day although pretty hot at times.  Was good to go up to the bird rookery and Paul was able to get a few pics of chicks etc.  He also got a series of photos of a large croc taking a sick or injured egret on the bank.

Baby egrets at the rookery

Paul's photo makes the front page