Sunday, 31 March 2013

Gwenny of to Brisbane to help with wedding preparations

Shannon and Rosanna's big day is only 2 weeks away now and Gwenny has joined them in Ipswich to help get ready etc.  Paul and the boys (and Ree-ann) will be joining them in another week.
Shannon and Rosanna at Dooze and Michelle's wedding

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Upper Butterfly Gorge

A few of us went into Butterfly Gorge today from the Stuart Highway side.   The road wasn't too bad as it hasn't been much of a wet season and there were some beautiful places to see.

It was my first real offroading in the new Landrover and as I feared the factory road tyres weren't up to the job - I burst a steel belt on the rocky road which resulted in a bubble in the sidewall of the tyre.  I do have new rims and tyres on order that will be much better for offroading.

We were basically just doing a bit of exploring searching for new potential camping spots.  Rob and Jessie took a couple of quad bikes and we also did a bit of exploring on these which wasn't good for my hay fever due to all the spear grass!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gwenny to the Hillsong "Colour" conference

Gwenny went to the "Colour" woman's conference in Sydney with Jessie, Rochelle and Suzy and had a good time.  Was also a bonus to catch up with her daughter of course!  Rosanna attended for most of the conference as it was only a short trip from Brisbane.  Dates were March 6-10.