Wednesday, 24 May 2000

Fishing from Dundee Beach

Took the suzuki down to Dundee and had a nice time fishing from the beach with the kids.

Danny had quite a struggle to pull in a shovel-nose shark by himself!

Monday, 1 May 2000

Paul starts work at Batchelor Institute

Paul started work at Batchelor Institute this month in 2000.  He initially applied for two positions, and A03 Desktop Support Officer and an A05 Network Administrator.  When at the Network Administrator interview he discovered that they used Novell Netware that he had no experience in he pretty much talked them out of it and took the more junior position.   But soon after starting he was doing the Network Admin role anyways albeit at the lower salary!  He found the different system wasn't that different than those he was used to.

Early days photoshopped photo.  From left to right;
Jessel (Service Desk), Nick (IT Manager), Paul (Network Admin),
Ian Fox "Foxy" (Desktop Support), Brian (Desktop Support).
Shave for Cancer day.
He was employed in the Network Admin role a few months later and after around 18 months he was successful in becoming the IT Manager (A07 level).   This had quite a lot of responsibilities including around 14 staff and a $2.5million annual budget.  He was a member of the Senior and ATSI staff at Batchelor.   In total Paul was at Batchelor for around 8 years.

Paul in his Batchelor Office