Saturday, 3 March 2007

ShirleyAnne passes away

Paul and Craig's older sister ShirleyAnne lost her battle with cancer at first light on this day.

ShirleyAnne found out she had cancer mid 2006 and initially we were given the impression by doctors that it wasn't too serious but things rapidly got worse and later last year she knew that it was very serious.

Paul had a lot of support from his employer (Batchelor Institute) and was fortunately able to spend a lot of time with her both when she was still quite mobile and then at her bedside.  He made quite a few trips and was able to stay for weeks at a time sometimes.   A lot of people were able to go with Paul on these trips to Wyndham to visit ShirleyAnne including Gwenny, Craig, Aunty Wendy, the Possinghams, and Peterboy.
Paul and ShirleyAnne's sister Bronwyn "Bowie" was with her when she passed away peacefully in her bed.  Her last few weeks were spent in a coma at home and she was not responsive to anyone.   We were amazed by her courage.

The funeral was held a month later on the 4th of April 2007.  It was a beautiful rainy day and a lot of family were able to attend from Darwin and elsewhere.