Wednesday, 12 June 2002

Bought a 6.1m boat

"Djambalawa" is a 6.1m Bermuda which is really a Trailcraft hull with a Mercruiser inboard diesel (actually a small 120hp diesel).

She's a bit more economical than a 4 stroke petrol - getting about 2.5 km / litre at its best at around 20 knots.   Still not sure if the diesel is worth it though - as its quite noisy and a bit harder to work on etc being an inboard.

The hull has quite a round bouyant nose on it which is good in swell but a bit hard in chop.  So its a good safe boat but doesn't ride as smoothly as a boat this size usually would.

Not sure when it was bought exactly - but in this photo dated 20/7/02 it looks very new and I think it might have been its first trip.