Wednesday, 14 May 2014

We're finally rural!

Gwenny stole my hat to look the part
Well after much hassles with finance (our bank declined us on a silly technicality just a few days before settlement and we had to start the finance all over again!) and other challenges we finally got the keys to our new rural home - 5 acres at Virginia on Lowther Road.

Its Gwenny's birthday today so she got a pretty good present!   We are doing the big move on the weekend but we celebrated tonight at the block just eating takeaway with a few family members.

Paul took tomorrow and Friday off this week as well as next week to help settle in and do some work on the Palmerston house so we can rent it.  We're very fortunate to have our nephew Sam's fiance rent it from early June - they are due to be married in August and then Sam will move in also.

The container from the back of our Palmerston house is being lifted and moved here on Friday (the boys computer cave) so Paul has a bit of work getting the area ready for the footings etc.   We ended up having a house warming party on Saturday the 31st and heaps of family and friends came - the outdoor covered area was flowing over!
Putting the container in position at Virginia

The housewarming