Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rosanna goes to the Gold Coast

Rosanna was off on a holiday again!  Well not really.. it was work this time... she volunteered to help the Red Frog chaplaincy group with supporting the schoolies at the Gold Coast.

More info about Red Frogs here -

She left on the 18th and returned on the 26th of October.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Daniel's graduation

Daniel has completed year 12 and we celebrated with him and the rest of the grade and parents and teachers at the waterfront tonight.

Daniel and Ree-Ann - the lovely couple made it into the NT News too where there
was a few shots taken from a journalist covering the night

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Kindred 2 win the volleyball

We had a good final tonight where we ended up playing our nemesis team in Kindred 1 in the grand final!  We won the first set fairly easily but they took us right to the wire in the 2nd... we almost wished they won as it would've gone to a 3rd set then.

This is an older picture of Kindred 1 in action

Daniels QLD trip

Daniel went with Ree-ann to Harvey Bay for Ree-ann's sisters wedding.  They were there November 12-24 so it was a good trip.  As well as spending a lot of time with Ree-ann's family he got to see some of the Thomsens at Maryborough including Paul's cousins Michael and Leeanne, and Scott and Kim.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Sold the boat

As part of our plan to get back to basics a bit and have less expenses so we can actually hopefully save a bit we've sold our 1 year old boat...  it was a good boat but with everything else it just cost too much...  was pleasantly surprised at the resale value of the quintrex (although I had heard this was the case) so did pretty well really...

Our best memories of the boat was when Rosanna caught a Sailfish off Cape Leveque about 18 months ago.. we'll put this trip up on the blog sometime for the record...