Thursday, 10 November 1983

The end of Paul's BMX career

In around November 1983 Paul had his BMX bike stolen from Nightcliff High School.  He had been slack and didn't even bother locking it up!

He really hadn't been that serious about his BMX in the last few months and never really got back to his top form after breaking his arm.   When he lost his bike then it was all over.  He recalls getting driven past a place by some policemen who wanted him to see if he recognised his bike in their yard - he didn't.

Some of the highlights of his career were;

  • Coming 2nd in the Centralian Championships in 1982 in Alice Springs for his age group
  • Winning the Top End Titles in 2003 for his age group
  • Holding the all time record for his 13 year age group and the age above it for the Wanguri Track (was never broken)
  • Leading the final of the Topend Titles in 1983 just after getting his arm out of plaster, but going of the track and ending up coming 8th.
  • Winning several normal 5 week rounds
  • Sponsorship by Telford Topend and membership of the Kuwahura club

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