Tuesday, 1 March 1988

Pauls work camp moves from Mount Todd to Harriet Creek

Unfortunately the company that Bruce had the mining contract with at Mount Todd Gold Mine has gone broke and Bruce is stuck with some expensive machinery that he needs work for to pay off.

Harriet Creek is a large creek that crosses the Kakadu Highway just over 25km from the turnoff at Pine Creek.  Bruce successfully got a job to build a bridge to cross this creek for the new highway.

We started demobilising our camp at Mount Todd in mid February 1988 (Rob and Jessie moved there on the 22nd) and setting up a new camp at Harriet Creek.

Paul was mainly labouring at this site - including the very hard work of using a pnuematic hand held rock drill to drill holes in the granite so explosives could be placed in the rock to break it.  Often he did night shift on the drill which meant very long hard nights.

The Harriet Creek bridge project

Rob and Bruce at Harriet Creek

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