Saturday, 6 July 1991

Fishing competition at the Perons

We had an amazing fishing trip to the Peron Islands this long weekend.   Craig and I went in my boat and Graham Pattemore and Chris Errity went in the boat that Spot On marine had lent me (to make a video - but thats another story!).

Not sure of the exact date but it would have been soon after getting married and it would've probably been the middle of the dry.

We had awesome calm weather and I had never seen Bateman's Shoal with more fish activity.  I have memories of acres of tiny mack tuna jumping as big predators attacked them from below.

From memory we caught a 19kg and a couple of 17kg mackerel trolling Reidy's lures on spinning rods - the lack of a ratchet noise nearly meant us getting spooled a couple of times when we weren't aware of big fish tearing away with our lures.   Chris Errity took this photo from his boat where him and Graham were live baiting.  We had gone over to them to weigh our fish each time.  Of course Chris ended up getting the biggest one with a 21kg fish!

There were a few trips to the Perons just after I was married and most of them were pretty productive.

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