Monday, 17 June 2013

Pauls goes sailing to Dundee for an overnighter

Paul went with John and Sandy and their family (John is a work colleague) to Dundee for the night.

John wanted to give the boat a run as he is planning to do the Darwin to Ambon in August.

It was Paul's first real trip in a sailboat and it was fantastic to cruise along just using windpower.

We went into the Lodge of Dundee for dinner and then back out to "Sirocco" to sleep very comfortably for the night - albeit in a wet and rough trip back out in the little zodiac tender.

Was a little bit rocky at night initially, even in a 60' cataraman, but was good cool sleeping weather and the wind eased later in the night.  We motored most of the way home as the lighter wind on the sunday was pretty much on the nose.

John and his son Paul with me up the front of the little tender heading into the lodge

Sanra, John and their other son Stephen.

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