Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mum Pattemore has another stroke

Sadly Gwenny's mum had another stroke this morning.  We weren't sure how it affected her for a few days
but it has unfortunately impaired her movement even more.  Even sadder is it has had some affect on her speech and mind - the bright sharp lady we knew just yesterday now struggles to think of words and find it hard to remember certain things.  We hope and pray its just temporary but months later hasn't shown much improvement if any.

Mum is still able to hold a conversation but will often pause or stop mid sentence.  She jokes to us that "I can't live forever you know" and that its just part of getting old but it is hard for the family and those who she is so precious to.   She does seem in good spirits still and doesn't complain - which has always been her way!

Dad Pattemore too is struggling with his age and is quite forgetful and weak of body these days, which is fair enough for being in his 90s!   So mum's lessened mobility is an extra burden on him also, and especially Dorothy and Colin who are caring for them.

May God just give them joy and peace even with their current situation.

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