Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lily has her puppies

Not great timing as we're due to go to New Zealand in a little over 2 weeks but Lily had her 2nd litter today.   4 beautiful puppies were born - 2 boys and 2 girls.   The father was a terrier looking playboy from "down the road" whilst we were in Palmerston still.

Paul was stuck with some midwife duties for some time as Gwenny was busy when it all started happening.  The first pup was stuck half way out for quite some time (perhaps 30 minutes) and when it was born Paul was pretty sure it was dead.   However when he tried to take it away Lily being quite anxious and when it was returned she vigorously licked it etc for some time when Paul noticed it started moving and breathing!   The little puppy ended up being fine.

Paul's mum was super helpful again in looking after the puppies whilst we were in New Zealand - with some help from Nadine too.  One of the girls has a bit of a problem with her back legs - she can still run around but they don't quite move like they should - although she does seem to be improving.

We gave 3 of the puppies away to family (Mark and Kathryn Pattemore took a boy and a girl, Tahlia took a girl) and we sold the remaining brown boy (the rest were black and white) on gumtree very quickly.  We kept Tahlia's little girl puppy until mid September as she was setting off on holidays to the US before then.

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