Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Farewell Uncle Wilson

Wilson with his young brother Ivan in 1940
My father's brother passed away this morning. This old world has lost a very special man and won't quite be the same without him. I believe he is in a better place however, although we'll sorely miss him - especially Aunty Narelle, Karlie and Kim and their families. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Uncle Wilson is the 4th and second youngest child of Noble and Jessie Thomsen (Paul's father Ivan being the youngest).   The five children in order of age are Nora, Hazel, Clyde, Wilson & Ivan.   Uncle Clyde has lost all his brothers and sisters now.

Uncle Wilson has had a long and brave struggle with serious health issues the last couple of years and we knew things were pretty dire.  The news was still a shock and very heart wrenching.

We know Uncle Wilson would not want his passing to effect our wedding celebrations and we'll therefore endeavour to enjoy things albeit with heavy hearts.  Paul, Gwenny, Craig and Peter Thomsen will extend their trip and go up to Maryborough for the funeral next week.

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