Saturday, 13 April 2013

Rosanna and Shannon's wedding

The big day has arrived!
Well was a beautiful day - even if it didn't go quite to plan!    The plan was to have the ceremony on the beach but a very rainy day made that out of the question - fortunately as you can see we were able to get a few photos later at the spot.

So the ceremony was held inside where the reception was held later (this was always the backup plan) and it was a lovely intimate occasion.  Family and friends were wonderfully helpful and it was great to share the occasion with them.  A special thanks to the likes of Jessie (doing photography), Ree-Ann (make-up etc) and Nadine (general organising and support) who all worked very hard!  There were of course many others who helped out a lot and we are just very thankful to those who made the trip to celebrate the big day with us.

Shannon and Rosanna Beath left early the next morning to their honeymoon in Thailand.  They'll be passing by Darwin on the way back home in a couple of weeks where we'll have a bit of a get together for those who couldn't make it down to the wedding.

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