Saturday, 6 April 2013

The rest of us off to the Gold Coast for the wedding

Well this is our view the first night from the hotel - not a bad location!  Well that was until we realised that the construction site at our feet had very noisy machines during the day!

Ah well all the more reason to get up early and do stuff instead of sitting around the hotel :)

Me and David joined Gwenny and Rosanna the first night at Shannon's place and then drove down the next day.  Daniel and ReeAnn flew down with us but we dropped them off at Ree's sister's place for a couple of days as they were attending a cousin's wedding.  They drove down her sister's car a couple of days later.

Well it was a great week - as the girls fussed and stressed about the wedding the boys went swimming heaps at the beach and just relaxed.  Was good to spend time with family and friends who were down also from Darwin and many other places (eg Troy from Brisbane and Craig/Lynn from Adelaide, Michael and Leanne from Maryborough etc). 

We did have an interesting time on the Thursday when Daniel and David got in a rip and needed a bit of help to get back on the beach!  I didn't tell Gwenny about that one until after the wedding!

Was great to catch up with the new very-soon-to-be-inlaws too! 

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